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Peacoat Guide – A Classic Wool Overcoat for Fall & Winter (History, Sizing & Where To Buy)

Today, we continue our overcoat series with the iconic Peacoat. We will explore the history of this classic garment and detail how to find the right cut, fabric, and buttons so you can make an informed decision about your own peacoat purchase. The History of the Peacoat Unlike the more defined history of the Trench […]

How to Pair Brown & Gray – Color Combinations for Tans & Greys in Menswear

While both gray and brown are foundational colors in a classic men’s wardrobe, they’re less conventionally paired together. Why pair them together in the first place, then? Read on to find out. How Can You Pair Brown And Gray? Brown is generally a warmer tone, whereas gray is generally a cooler tone. Under normal circumstances, […]

Halloween Costumes for Gentlemen – Stylish & Spooky Menswear Outfits

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday around the world–but here at the Gentleman’s Gazette, we’ve got multiple perspectives on its significance. Growing up in Germany, Halloween wasn’t really a big deal for our founder, Sven Raphael Schneider (although he did meet his wife, Teresa, at a Halloween party when they were both in school). Meanwhile, […]

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