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How to Make Friends as an Adult: A Guide to Socializing & Meeting New People

Speaking broadly, humans are social creatures; while some people are more introverted and others more extroverted, everyone benefits from having a network of interpersonal connections to fall back on when needed. Family is a natural network of connections, of course, and many people also have coworkers to reach out to but in today’s increasingly digital […]

Business can be fraught with opportunities for things to go wrong; if you do everything right, no one really notices it but if you get it wrong, you screw up big-time and the deal may not happen. So the goal is to keep others around you comfortable, not to draw any negative attention to yourself […]

How to Apologize Like a Gentleman – Social Etiquette for Saying “Sorry”

One important piece of social etiquette for every gentleman to be able to carry out well and often is apologizing. Inherent to the process of any apology can be feelings of failure, regret, insecurity, defensiveness, and indignation. But even though these are natural emotional responses when you find that you’re at fault in a given […]

How to Shake Hands like a Gentleman – Handshake Etiquette for Confident Introductions

Often seen as part of business deals or other types of transactions, handshakes are an important part of many a social interaction–but what’s the best way to master the handshake? That’s the main question we’ll be answering today, as we’ll discuss the what, when, why, and how of handshakes. A Brief History of Handshakes Archaeological […]

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