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8 Classic Fragrances for Gentlemen – Scents & Colognes from Dior, Creed, Guerlain & More

In the last two decades, fragrances and colognes for men have exploded online and in blogs, as well as YouTube channels. There are things like Basenotes, Jeremy Fragrance, or Fragrance Brothers that are all about just the scent. Why Should Men Wear Fragrance? Colognes can create really powerful emotional ties. Style authorities such as Bruce […]

Aftershave, Lotion, and Cologne: How to Layer – Men’s Fragrance & Grooming Tips

When it comes to men’s toiletries, several questions often come up. Does it matter how much cologne I put on? How much lotion should I use? Is aftershave even necessary? Well, you’re not alone in asking these questions! Today’s guide will answer all of them, and provide more information on the what, why, and how […]

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