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Ladies Top Wholesale

Wholesale ladies top is always trending in the fashion for women. Since ladies top comes in several varieties of styles and designs that is something that makes them a more reliable option among most women. If you are looking for a company that can produce Top-Quality Ladies tops for you in different colours, styles and sizes, Unikaas Apparel is here and equipped with everything needed to help your business achieve new heights in the marketplace. With our Premium-Quality Ladies top, you can help your clothing brand flourish and gain massive success in the marketplace and among your customers. You can serve your customers with top-quality apparel at such an economical price. We produce our ladies tops using different materials to keep the customer needs in check. We offer ladies tops in almost all standard sizes and colours and provide you with sufficient options to choose from. Our team of professionals manufactures designs and styles keeping the market trends and consumers behaviour in mind. Our only concern is to help you gain loyalty among your customers through our dynamic range of tops. We deliver our products at a fast production rate of 8-10 days on bulk orders.

Variety of ladies tops we deal in

  • Casual tops
Casual tops are made of pure cotton material to make them comfy as well as softer for use. Casual tops are the ideal choice for casual parties as it is very easy to wear and handle. Casual tops are usually come in a standard size, not to be too loose or too tight. We have casual tops in various styles, designs and graphics to give each of them a unique look.
  • Formal tops
Formal tops are made of satin or silk material. These kinds of ladies tops are preferable for formal functions, meetings and events. We have formal tops in both light and dark colours.
  • Blouses
We also deal in ladies Blouses. Blouses are one of the oldest forms of ladies tops which are even today are in healthy demand. These are usually light in weight and made of several fabrics which include cotton, synthetic and silk.  Some common forms of blouses come with buttons and are called button-up and button-down tops. Some blouses do come without buttons with draping and ruffles.
  • Tank Tops
Tank tops are one of the favourite types of tops among women. Tank tops are usually made of cotton material. It includes shoulder straps rather than sleeves.  We have tank tops available in several colours and designs. Tank tops are considered more comfortable tops for women as they allow better arm movement.
  • Sweaters
Sweaters are typically made of knit material like cotton, cashmere and so on. Sweaters are usually worn during the cold season. We have got a huge range of sweaters for you to pick from.

Wholesale Ladies tops at economical price

We are offering the best rates for a variety of ladies tops for our customers to get more in terms of profit. We are providing premium quality tops at reasonable prices at this time of the year and you can grab this opportunity to maximize profits during the season.  Getting ladies tops at cheaper rates will not only allow you to earn maximum but will also be helpful for your customers.

Wholesale Ladies tops to help you look elegant

Our ladies tops are specially made for women who are self-conscious and want to look elegant in any gathering.  We offer maximum variety for women to choose from so they can be confident about their apparel at any gathering. Some important Questions asked and answered about ordering with us  How many wholesale tops should I order? You can order ladies tops according to your brand size and the inventory you can manage at your place. You can order different kinds of ladies tops in bulk with different sizes and different colours. If you are new at the marketplace, you can order as many as 250 ladies tops in 3 4 different types with various colour ranges and sizes. The good thing is you can place an order anytime. Can I add my own design and logo? The answer is yes, Of course, you have all the liberty to choose your logo or design to be printed on the tops. You can get our printing services to get things done for you in terms of printing logo, image or design. You can simply get In contact with our team to describe the details of how you want the tops to be. Are these wholesale ladies tops a long term investment? As you know our tops are second to none in terms of quality and durability. Even after so many washes, the quality would not be compromised. Our ladies tops are ready to help your business touch new success. Now that you know everything about our brand it is high time that you place an order. It is always a good idea to buy things in wholesale so you can save a lot of money. Visit our website and place the order.