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T-shirts in bulk for screen printing

Bulk Screen printing T-shirts always stay in huge demand in the clothing and fashion industries. A lot of companies and brands can be seen using screen printing T-shirts for promotional purposes. If you are looking for a company that can fulfil your needs by providing you Premium-Quality screen printing T-shirts for your clothing brand, Unikaas Apparel is in your service to help you with that. Unikaas Apparel has helped so many brands in uplifting their monthly sales graph and gave their brand new identity with a good product and ready to do it for you and your brand as well. We are famous for producing wholesale screen printing T-shirts using 100% cotton to make them comfortable and soft for the consumers.  We deal in almost all standard sizes, colours, printing designs which can be customized according to your requirements. We have a skilful team of printers who make each article with so much care for you to get maximum benefits and value. We promise a fast delivery time from 8-10 days which is subject to changes as per the order size. We offer screen printing T-shirts at an economical cost.

Bulk T-shirt screen printing for Promotional Purposes

Several companies and brands use wholesale T-shirts for the promotion of their products or brands. Companies use t-shirts to paste their logo and message to promote their brand to more and more people. This method is used to capture more customers. You also have the same opportunity to use screen printing t-shirts to increase your sales and customer base.  When somebody wears a t-shirt with your logo or brand, they unknowingly or knowingly represent your brand and products and help it expose to as many people they meet.

Build a strong Image of your brand

Our wholesale t-shirt can help build a strong image for your clothing brand. You can order t-shirts for the events like charity, awareness events or sports gala. You must select an image or message that can be felt by others and your choice of words must show professionalism. Right wording and image can be significant in leaving a good impression of your promotional events.

Wholesale screen printing t-shirts at affordable price

The charges for our wholesale screen printing T-shirts is very marginal and if you are looking for an economical deal to get your order done. We can offer you the best deal at this time of the year to earn fat profits for the whole season.  If you are planning to conduct an event, you can still make the most out of our deals to save a lot of money. This will allow you to fill up your inventory without disturbing your cash flow.

Some Important Questions asked and answered about ordering with us

How many T-shirts should I order?

The number of shirts you should order is directly related to the need for the particular product in your marketplace. You can order as many as you want but to be on the safer side, you can always start with a minimum order to check the response of the market and customers. Once you have clarity on consumers behavior, you will find yourself in a decent position to take a call.. 

Can I add my own design or logo?

The screen printing t-shirts is all about you and your brand, so we personally give our customers full leverage to tell us exactly their requirements so we can produce the product accordingly. You can use our technically sound printing services to print your logo, image or brand message to gain maximum popularity in your marketplace. Besides having high-quality printing machines, we have got a talented pool of professionals who know what is good for your business. You can always consult with our experts’ team before making a move.

What is the production time?

We are widely known for delivering orders at a very brisk pace. The standard time of production is 10 days and that starts right after you make a purchase. We can even deliver your order on an urgent basis that will take less than 10 days for you to get your order. You can make this happen by just contacting our customer service department.

What materials are used in the making of the shirt?

We make our screen printing t-shirt using 100% cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is one of the best choices for producing t-shirts for so many reasons. Cotton made t-shirts are easy to wear, softer and comfortable to use. Cotton is a material that has high absorbent abilities.

Are these screens printing T-shirts a long term investments?

We produce screen printing T-shirts using advanced technology and give a neat touch to the products so the consumers can enjoy and help you build a professional image of your brand. 
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