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Wholesale Shorts

Wholesale Men’s Shorts are one of the most selling clothing items during the summers as people feel more relaxed and comfortable wearing help them to tackle the heat. If you are searching for a company that can deliver you the best-quality shorts in different colours, styles, designs,  Unikaas Apparel is ready to welcome you and help you in providing the wholesale shorts of your choice. We have all the necessary equipment and professional team to make premium quality shorts so you touch new heights of success in your marketplace. Unikaas Apparel is known for producing incredible men's shorts for so many years and earned the respect of customers in different markets.  Our products are made to facilitate the customer in the best way possible. We deal in almost all colours, sizes and customers can even order customized shorts with everything of their choice.  Our team of professionals ensures we don’t lack in quality and deliver the product that earns a unique identity in the heart of customers. We offer wholesale shorts at a reasonable price, much lower than the market rates. We ensure that we deliver the orders as soon as possible but the standard time for an order to be delivered is from between 8-10 days depending on the order size.

Wholesale Shorts on Sale

The biggest sale is of wholesale shorts is here to bring more joy to your summer. You have a golden opportunity to earn more profits as a business owner to earn a larger chunk of profits as the summer loading. This sale is available for a limited period and a lot of businesses already taking advantage of this year’s sale. Hurry up and place an order before the sale expires and you lose it.

Wholesale shorts to spice up your summer

Our wholesale shorts are specially made to spice up your winter and allow you to have so many memorable moments to cheer about in the future. As most people prefer to go to the beach to relax during summertime, you can use our comfy and stylish shorts to enjoy sunbathing.  Our wholesale shorts are made in a way to facilitate our customers in the best manner possible during the summertime.

Wholesale Shorts at affordable price

We are offering the best prices on wholesale shorts for you to get. The opportunity is there for you to avail yourself. Just cash at the moment and maximize your profits for the whole summer on shorts.  We are offering such reasonable prices, even after getting your margin of profit, the shorts can still be available for customers at very cheap prices. This will boost your sales ratio and allow you to upsell your items.

Vast variety to choose from Wholesale Shorts

  One of the great benefits of purchasing shorts from us is that you will be provided with a wide range of varieties to choose from.  We offer all the latest designs and styles that the customer likes. We have a team that analyzed what is being popular in the market to produce items accordingly to make them effective. You can select a variety of options to place an order to get exactly what you want for your brand.

FAQs about Wholesale Shorts

How many shorts should I order?

It entirely depends on your business structure and customer base. You can order as many or as few depending on your market needs. If you are new at the marketplace you can order as many as 200 pieces to check the response from the market. If you get a good response, you can always have an option to order on an urgent basis to get things covered. If you have been in the market for a longer period and understand the sense of how to sell more pieces of shorts during the summer, you can even go on and order as many as 500 pieces in various colours and styles.

What color do wholesale shorts come in?

We offer wholesale shorts in almost all standard sizes, colours, designs and styles. You also have the freedom to give the personal touch of your brand to have customised shorts. We have a team of professionals who got you covered in terms of what is best for you and your brand to provide you with an edge against your competitor in a particular marketplace.

Can I add my own design or logo?

This is what wholesale shorts bring to the table to give you the freedom to dictate what you want and how you want. If you are planning to have a logo or even a message, you have a chance to do that. Your logo can also do marketing for you wherever it goes. We have a team of talented designers who can help you with printing facilities. You can dispatch anything of your choice to make it graceful and attractive.

What materials are used in the making of shorts?

We deal in a different range of shorts. The best and most popular are cotton and polyester material. Polyester give shorts a slippery feel and does not irritate consumer. Cotton is made up of gentle fibre which makes it comfortable to wear.            How to order?            Placing an order with us is very easy; you just have to follow the given steps to place your order.
  • Select the product.
  • Provide a detail on how you want the product to be.
  • Wait for the quote from our company.
  • Quote contain all the charges you would have to pay, just read it carefully before placing an order

Are these wholesale shorts a long term investment?

Since the shorts have been manufactured using Top-quality material, they serve a purpose and a reliable, long-lasting and top-notch apparel. This speaks volumes about how valuable they can be. Shorts are considered to be one of the essential clothing items for men during the summer.  You will love doing business with us as we can help uplift your business with our amazing products.